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Join us,

5 days, 4 choreographers.


Dates & Time:

15-19.04.2024, 10:00-16:00

*Wednesday 17.4 -11:30-17:30,  

Friday 19.4 11:30-16:00


5 days of Gaga and contemporary repertoire by:

L-E-V | Noa Zuk | Eyal Dadon | Inbal Pinto


Suzanne Dellal studio | Tel Aviv-Jaffa | Israel



Full tuition - 1480 ILS.


In order to complete your application,

after filling the application form,

please send us your CV/training background to 


We will get in touch as soon as possible.

**Age range: 16 and older



HASADNA - The Dance Workshop


An international repertory and technique program,

Our workshop has been hosting unique meetings between professional dancers and talented choreographers since 2012. 

We have welcomed dancers from around the world over the years, who have explored, deepened, and enriched their movement language through our classes. 


 From the Repertoire Of

Sharon Eyal

L-E-V | Sharon Eyal & Guy Behar 

Sharon Eyal is an acclaimed Israeli choreographer known for her innovative and distinctive approach to contemporary dance. With a background as a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company, Eyal has garnered international recognition for her unique movement language and choreographic style. Her work often explores the intersection of technology, emotion, and physicality, captivating audiences with its intensity and originality..

Noa Zuk

Noa Zuk

Noa Zuk seamlessly blends diverse movement styles, creating visually striking and emotionally resonant performances. Her works often explore themes of identity, connection, and societal dynamics, earning her recognition and acclaim in the contemporary dance community. Zuk's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and her ability to convey profound narratives through movement , places her among the forefront of contemporary choreographers.

Eyal Dadon

Eyal Dadon

Eyal Dadon's journey from Beersheba to global acclaim is a testament to the transformative power of dance. From his beginnings at Bat Dor Dance School to leading Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Dadon's passion has earned international accolades, including the prestigious Yair Shapira Prize in 2014. In 2016, he founded 'SOL Dance Company,' creating mesmerizing works like 'SALE' (2016) and 'GEORGE 2.2' (2020). Beyond dance, Dadon's artistic vision extends to impactful music projects, inspiring audiences worldwide.

Inbal Pinto

Inbal pinto

Pinto has established herself as a trailblazer in the world of dance, seamlessly blending theatrical elements with movement to create captivating performances. Her unique choreographic style often explores themes of surrealism and fantasy, leaving audiences enchanted by the expressive and imaginative nature of her work.

from studio

From the Studio



Yaara Moses

Yaara Moses 

Ori Kroll

Ori Kroll

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